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Scrapbooking is taking the nation by storm, in both paper and digital formats. Try your hand!  Create an intergeneration scrapbook.  Consider a page for each generation from 1920 to the present with graphics, news events, fads, music, quotes, and pictures of your friends and families from that era. Interview people who remember.  Most importantly, have fun!

1920-1940 – What and who was in the news? What were Grandma and Grandpa wearing?

1940-1960 – Who were the most popular movies stars, bands and singers? Gable, Astaire, Stewart, Garland, Rooney, Kelly: I love you, yea, yea, yea. What did Gandma think about the Beatles and Elvis? What were you wearing? Who were the nation’s leaders?

1960-1980 – How was the country changing? How did this impact your family? Where were you when you heard about the The Kennedy assassination? The moon landing?    Peace, dude.

1980-2000 – What were the most memorable events during these decades? What are the kids wearing? Oh sorry, that’s my cell…

For More Inspiration…
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