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Make Money Promoting Intergeneration Month and All Ages Together Campaign!

$21 billion is the amount Americans spend on Mother’s Day according to the National Retail Federation, amounting to $169 per consumer.

Make Money with Intergenerational Month Coupons!

Use Intergeneration Month Coupons to promote more business! Offer customers a free item when accompanied by a person of another generation and purchase of a dollar amount or more of goods.

We will list online, participating businesses offering Integeneration Month Coupons. Send us an email at [email protected] with your business name and location.

Modify Intergeneration Month Coupons to connect all ages any time of the year.

You can help others and yourself by expanding the for profit and the not for profit business side of Intergeneration Month. The following is only a starter list of Intergeneration Month business opportunities.

For Profits: senior living, gifts, restaurants, financial and estate planning, healthcare, family history and scrapbooking, internet, cards, telephone and the communications, accommodations and travel.

Not for Profits: fundraising and development for intergeneration related public charities, religious organizations, education, museums and libraries.

Help make Intergeneration Month September an annual IG economic stimulator. For example, restaurant owners can just download the Participation Offer Form, complete the offer, display and watch business grow! -click here-

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