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Helpful links and articles:

Intergenerational Equality (Wikipedia Article)
“A bond of kinship: when grandma becomes the mom” (AP article)
Manslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (SimplePsychology article)

Connect generations through faith and prayer

Share your Articles and Information

Experts are invited to submit articles on Intergenerational subjects. Articles must be original and include foot notes where appropriate. Reprints of published articles will be accepted with full written permission allowing republication. Author bio required. Articles and bio may be condensed for ease of readership. Articles accepted may be reprinted online or in paper form.

Suggested article content focus: intergenerational economics, healthcare, education, jobs, government, environment, law or other subjects.

The goal is to make IntergenerationMonth.org a go-to website for intergernerational information that makes a difference while giving the author recognition as a worldwide expert on the article topic.

New articles will be posted periodically.


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