Ancestry, Legacy, two topics for the Storytelling ContestSome Activity Ideas for Participation in IG Month.

Organizations, families, and individuals who sponsor activities for Intergeneration Month Activities use their own expertise to plan the events.
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Some Intergenerational Activity Suggestions:

Neighborhood block parties
and pot luck dinners

Volunteer or Staff Recognition Events, inviting families and the community.

Community-wide Events, such as carnivals, storytelling contests, musical events, lectures, seminars, craft fairs, art shows.

An Open House inviting clients, friends, family, neighbors to showcase your programs and successes.

Volunteer Events to revitalize a neighborhood park or playground

See list of 50 more ideas to mix generations - click here.

Sample of Events for Intergeneration Month Activities:

In celebration of Intergeneration Month, the Martin Dixon Intergenerational Center, our children and members of the groups listed below, contributed 78 creatively decorated paper squares towards our 1st Martin Dixon Intergenerational Quilt.

The generation span of contributors ranged from 1945 to 2009!!!

The Martin Dixon Intergenerational Center, located on the campus of Bennett College in Greensboro, North Carolina, is a laboratory preschool providing quality educational programming for three and four year old children. Our purpose also includes involving all generations in our surrounding community to engage in activities centered with and around our children. Our older/senior family members and friends include the grand and great grandparents of the children who attend our program, Foster Grandparents of Guilford County, Senior Church Ministries, and local programs of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly. Intergeneration Foundation thanks Bernetta Harper, Assistant Director/Coordinator, for her contribution their Intergeneration Month Celebrations with us.

Intergeneration Celebration in Prince Edward Island, Canada: Prince Edward Island Seniors’ Secretariat, with the Department of Community Services and Seniors, in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, held their first Intergeneration Celebration in 2011 – in a big way! They held a Storytelling Contest and announced the winners at an Intergeneration Breakfast.

As described in their Press Release:

To recognize the week, the Seniors’ Secretariat launched a contest for Islanders to submit stories that featured characters from two or more generations. The Secretariat received dozens of contest entries from people of all ages. Entries portrayed positive images of older and younger Islanders, and featured the unique voice of Island storytellers.

“It is a pleasure to have an opportunity to celebrate an event that recognizes the many and varied contributions that people of all generations make in our Island communities,” said Chairperson of the Seniors’ Secretariat Mary Hughes. “The Prince Edward Island Seniors’ Secretariat storytelling contest for Intergeneration Week highlighted the very best of Island stories and poems.”
To read the press release, and visit their website, -click here-

What a success!

Portland Community College has a  resource initiative called the Wisdom Keepers bringing students and seniors together.

Rainbow Bridge Intergenerational Golf Tournament, Denver, CO

Multiple Intergeneration Activities
(cooking, gardening, reading, bingo and sing-along) Easter Seals Miami-Dade, Miami, FL

Seniors do Build-a-Bear activities with elementary school students, Carlisle Communities, Palm Beach, Fl.

West Virginia University students have founded AGES an organization where students intersect with the elderly population through group functions and individual volunteering. AGES held a social  to celebrate Intergeneration Month. It was be a barb-b-que social for members and the senior community have a chance to meet one another.

Carnival and Health Fair at Medallion Retirement Community, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Various activities, including writing stories -Ocean County Library, Manchester, NJ.

Senior Center of Colorado Springs partner with middle school students who interview and record seniors' oral history.
These are only a few ideas, and we know that you can think of more. Intergeneration Month supports the efforts of participating agencies by listing the events on our web site and distributing brochures about Intergeneration Month.
Individuals and families can also participate in Intergeneration Month. Consider setting aside this time to:

Visit a Senior Center - over 60% of nursing home residents get less than 1 visit per year.

Research your family genealogy, make a family tree.

Make scrapbooks celebrating generations.

Hold a Pot Luck for your community or neighborhood.

Connect with family members
of a different generation in person, or by phone, letters or email.

Reach out to a neighbor of a different generation.

Volunteerism or philanthropy that benefits intergenerational programming.
Gift giving.

Work on your financial and estate plan considering intergenerational transfers.

Gatherings and celebrations.

If you are still looking for ideas, the "Something to Remember Me By" Legacy Project website, something to remember me by offers intergenerational activities for families, schools, and community groups. There's even a Family Fun Pack of activities -- with great activities like Generations Scrapbook, Memory Jar, Hand Full of Love, Photo Card Games, and more to assist you with your Intergeneration Month events.
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To list your Intergeneratoinal activities or event online as an "All Ages Together" Participation Pledge, click here

50 Great Ideas to Mix Generations:

1. Hug someone of another generation.
2. Take a walk together in the local neighborhood.
3. Talk about some of your favorite food.
4. Read a short story out loud.
5. Read the comics together.
6. Bird watch together.
7. Feed birds with someone.
8. Admire a painting or other kinds of art.
9. Take a scenic drive.
10. Watch sports together.
11. Watch dancing.
12. Watch a film/movie.
13. Bake cookies.
14. Make popcorn.
15. Go fishing.
16. Spend time together shopping in a mall.
17. Window shop downtown.
18. Go to a park/playground.
19. Visit a botanical garden/arboretum.
20. Go hiking on nature trails.
21. Camp in a tent.
22. Collect leaves.
23. Take up knitting/crochet together.
24. Play board games.
25. Play card games.
26. Play video games.
27. Share an ice cream treat.
28. Tell a family story.
29. Help do chores.
30. Ask about their day, school or work.
31. Listen to favorite music together.
32. Watch a lightening storm in the dark.
33. Visit a museum.
34. Go to a concert.
35. Check out the art galleries.
36. Write an IG story together.
37. Draw IG pictures
38. Ask someone to tell a family tale.
39. Tell and listen to childhood memories.
40. Participate in an Intergenerational Forum.
41. Pet a dog or cat.
42. Tell intergenerational jokes.
43. Laugh out loud at each others funny stories.
44. Whistle tunes with someone.
45. Sing songs with others.
46. Ask for help with a handheld device (cell phone, tablet).
47. Ride bikes.
48. Make real lemonade.
49. Put together a puzzle.
50. Share some candy.

Start Planning Now! Intergeneration Month September • Communicate, Celebrate, Educate... Connect All Ages Campaign... Start Planning Now! Intergeneration Month September • Communicate, Celebrate, Educate... Connect All Ages Campaign... Start Planning Now! Intergeneration Month September • Communicate, Celebrate, Educate... Connect All Ages Campaign...

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