Create Your Family Tree

Starting Your Genealogical Search? Let us help get you started.

Already an old pro? Maybe you’ll find a new source here.

Did you know there are many unexpected places to begin the journey? Here are a few resources to help you.

These sites listed below are just a few. Hundreds of other specific sites can be easily accessed through the Pikes Peak Library District Genealogy Web page, considered to be one of the best library genealogical research sites.


Obit Central
Find A Grave
Cemetery Photos
The Political Graveyard


Ancestor Hunt
Legacy Obituaries
Obit Central

Census Records

Distant Cousin
Census Finder
Census Online

Ethnic Sources

African-American Genealogy
African-American Historical Society
Cyndi’s List (an excellent source for all searches)
Library of Congress Hispanic Reading Room
Mexican Border Crossing Records
American Jewish Archives
Jewish Women’s Archives
Index of Native American Genealogy Resources

Bon Voyage!

Creating your family tree is a satisfying multi-generation project. Don’t wait. Take time to record oral history and traditions. Document those precious memories from all generations.

Once you begin the journey of locating family records it is important to have a goal.Early on decide who will view the research? What kind of format should it reside in? What kind of story will you tell? Clarifying this might assure success with this exciting search into your family’s history.

Have fun in a traditional paper and pen format or go digital with many of the on-line memory making tools. Why not create a web page that other family members can visit and embellish?

Traditional And Non-Traditional Charts and Materials to Help You!

  • General Supplies/Charts and Forms
  • Hand Lettered Family Tree
  • Beautiful Fan Shaped Wall Hanging
  • Birds of a Feather Tree for a Child’s Wall
  • Heirloom Family Tree Encased In A Glass Dome

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