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IG Month's All Ages Together Campaign

Individual and Family Participation Plans: (A)

1. The Waldron Family

The Waldron family experienced an ideal intergenenerational event this Summer. Renting Lake Powell's largest houseboat and extending an invite to every family member resulted in a week of activities and stories enjoyed by 3 generations ages 7 to 81. Thirteen participants spent precious time with each other unemcumbered with TV or cell phones, resulting in closer and more appreciative relationships and the unanamous opinion that we should repeat it soon . Do it now while your older folks are still healthy and the younger ones have not scattered too far.

2. Campbell Family

An annual donation of $500 has been pledged to the to facilitate the organization's mission to promote intergenerational issues and events.

3. Sandy & Dorothy Kraemer Family

The Kraemer family (all 16 members) regularly finds time to gather everyone for an intergenerational photograph. These professional photo sessions are a wonderful way to reinforce all three generations of family history.

4. Bob Riefstahl / Author, Speaker, Founder of 2WIN!Global

Greetings, Sandy Kraemer is a friend of mine and has inspired me to reach out to your organization for my pledge to September. I am joining the board of an organization that helps young, at risk youth (14-20 years old) bridge to manhood. The organization is TwoCor ( and my intergenerational activities will involve active participation in helping this group of underserved youth.

5. Alexander Family

The Alexander family, consisting of 6 brothers and sisters scattered around the country, and their families are planning to get together in Washington this summer to celebrate our mom's 80th birthday. Our dad will be having his 86th birthday this year also. It will be a great opportunity to have 3 generations together.

6. Al & Barbara Steiner Family

Here's what Al and Barbara Steiner did, and are doing, to nurture familial cross-generational communications:

1) We see, and spend time talking with, our 3 granddaughters at least every 2 weeks. We want them to feel like they are completely loved and accepted for who they are, so that when the inevitable friction between them and their parents happens,

they will feel comfortable coming to us.

2) We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary with the whole family at a house in Kona, in Hawaii. Besides having lots of fun adventures and play time, we renewed our vows and talked about our marriage. We also asked every family member to say something to us that would be special for them. It was a wonderful, meaningful time.

7. Bills Family

The Bills Family gathers for intergenerational gatherings yearly, with photos and games and lots of food! Fun times for all and reconnecting brings understanding and happiness!

8. Alan and Carol Parrington, Colorado Springs, CO

For the past 15 years, we have been proud sponsors of Nalini and her family in India - three generations of Indians. Nalini (19) was just accepted to the No.1 law school for women in Bangalore, India, and we will be supporting and cheering her on all the way.

parringtn in india

Photo: Carol, the “Sponsor Mother” shown in photo in front of their home in Bangalore, India, and to Carol’s left are Nalini, her mother and sisters

9. Lonny Elliott

I have been, and will continue to be very involved with my two grandsons. I attend all their high school ball games and cheer them on. I am also teaching my grandsons gun safety skills and hunting skills. Grandparent time with my grandsons is especially important because they lost their mother, my daughter, in a motorcycle accident.

10. Junior Diabetes Walk

Our family of two parents and three children will help organize and walk in the 5K Walk for Junior Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) in Denver.
-Hannah McDaniel, age 16

11. Cousins

Our family of 5 will visit 16 cousins and connect 3 generations this summer.
-Sarah Dinegar, age 17

Business and Non-Profit Participation Plans: (B)

1. Graphic Design by Gregory Daries

A donation of $500 value in graphic design services has been pledged towards marketing and promotion efforts for Intergeneration Month.

2. Youth Symphony

The Colorado Springs Youth Symphony is performing Icarus at the Edge of Time. This space science multi-media composition includes video of planets and galaxies with a narration about a 14 year old boy and his journey to a black hole. It takes intergenerational to the extreme in a story that spans 10,000 years. All generations are welcome to the concert at 7 pm, Friday, Oct. 17, Pikes Peak Center, Colorado Springs.

3. Intergeneration Foundation Volunteers

Will do something every day to make INTERGENERATION MONTH: SEPTEMBER more relevant to individuals, families, businesses and nonprofit organizations.

4. Pioneer Museum

Will display IG Month banners above the main entrance announcing intergeneration storytelling every Saturday during Intergeneration Month: September, intergenerational exhibits, youth craft projects, intergeneration events publicity and more!

5. World Jurist Association Resolution

The World Jurist Association encourages societies to connect generations for the purpose of identifying and resolving generational problems.

6. Gerontology Center and Lane Center for Academic Health Sciences at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Health happens in the home and community, so they are inevitably intergenerational. We will offer events designed to draw generations together to promote health and well-being in all ages. – Sara Qualls, Ph.D., Director of Gerontology Center, Professor of Psychology

7. Mountain Shadows Community Association – Nora Gledich

As Vice President of the Mountain Shadows Community Association and administrator for the community Facebook Page, I will post information about Intergeneration Month and ask our community to support activities that promote "All Ages Together".

8. Red Gate Ranch, Larkspur, Colorado

We will plant apple trees on our ranch so the next generation can harvest the apples, the fruits of our labor of love.

9. Lewisville High School, Lewisville, Texas

In Texas, students at Lewisville High School will serve as instructors at the Lewisville Senior Activity Center, to teach senior citizens how to use iPad applications. This "high school students teach older adults iPad use demonstration project" is being financed by donations to purchase iPads to be available in the Senior Center Library. For further information contact Allison Stamey at the High School, or Teresa Milam at the Senior Center.

10. Wounded Warrior Discount Card, LLC

We solicit funds and other contributions to fund programs for wounded warriors and their families. We are now holding our second annual golf tournament at the Air Force Academy. We are also deeply involved in providing “Discount Cards” created to fund family programs for wounded warriors.

11. Legacy Society

The El Pao County Bar Association, with over 1,200 members started a life membership program called the Legacy Society "Honoring Our Legacy, Embracing Our Future, All Ages Together". The purposes of the Legacy Society include: honoring the longevity of members, ensuring that dedication to the law is passed down to new members, maintaining fellowship and support to senior members.

12. Rose Gardens

Rose Gardens at Ann’s Choice in Warminster PA will be displaying an intergenerational quilt design on the lobby bulletin board. This display was made by seniors who live at Rose Gardens and children who visited in late August. This will exemplify Intergeneration Month and how it is beneficial to both young and old. Also we will be hosting Grandparent’s Day Social on September 7th, joining people of all ages together to celebrate Grandparent’s Day.

13. High School Handbells

The church will start a new Celebration Ringers High School Handbell Choir. – The First Lutheran Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado

14. Willson House Child Development Center's Intergenerational Tea Party

On Wednesday, September 10th children and residents gathered for a traditional afternoon English tea. The Intergenerational Tea Party is an annual celebration that residents and children at Willson House and Jason Lee Manor look forward to every year. Participants wear fancy jewelry, big hats, and their party clothes and come together for an afternoon of meaningful interaction.

15. St. Ann Center for Intergenerational Care, Inc.

We had a wonderful IG moment this afternoon [8-27-2015]; our summer camp kids showed great initiative in helping our adult clients write down wishes on the hope lanterns we made (all you need are markers, white paper bags, and LED votive candles!) It was remarkable to see them exhibit such care and patience. At the end, we went around and shared everyone's wishes out loud. At St. Ann Center, our wish is that acceptance of this caliber be evident in everyone's lives!

Start Planning Now! Intergeneration Month September • Communicate, Celebrate, Educate... Connect All Ages Campaign... Start Planning Now! Intergeneration Month September • Communicate, Celebrate, Educate... Connect All Ages Campaign... Start Planning Now! Intergeneration Month September • Communicate, Celebrate, Educate... Connect All Ages Campaign...

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